Question: Are my donations Tax-Deductible?
Answer: Yes! The 410 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and you will receive a giving statement annually for your taxes like any other charitable organization.

Question: How do I know what happens to my donations?
Answer: The 410 Foundation will provide clear communication of the use of funds, in an “Open-book Management” style of accountability. In addition, we will provide regular reporting of the ‘fruit’ of your investment and how our supported ministries are doing.

Question: Why Donate to your Foundation instead of directly to Ministries / Missionaries?
Answer: We carefully choose effective Ministries to partner with, and work diligently with them to make sure donations are spent wisely. We also provide a layer of ‘anonymity’ to our donors, which we call Kingdom Investors so that they will not be constantly hounded by supported ministries for more funds.

Question: I’m glad you provide a layer of anonymity between us and your partner ministries, but how will I know about needs that arise that I can donate to in order to help?
Answer: While we promise not to hound our Kingdom Investors for more money as many non-profits do, we will keep a list of urgent and upcoming needs on our website and include key initiatives in our regular newsletters in case our Investors want to help.

Question: Can I bring a Ministry or Mission Organization to the 410 Foundation for consideration as a Partner Ministry candidate?
Answer: Yes! While we are not a “Donor-advised Fund”, we will always take into consideration any ministry presented to us from our Kingdom Investors. We will evaluate the work, the mission, the effectiveness, and the need. We tend to focus on smaller, often fledgling ministries that might have monthly support but do not have funds for all the projects and ‘extras’ that tend to come up as part of doing ministry.

Question: More specifically, what kinds of Ministries are you looking for?
Answer: We are primarily interested in Ministries and Missionaries that are focused on expanding God’s Kingdom through Evangelism and Discipleship. While the ministry might provide for some humanitarian needs such as water wells or eradicating hunger, this would not be the primary mission typically for a 410 Foundation “Partner Ministry”

Question: How are you organized? What is the Foundation’s Accountability?
Answer: In addition to being governed by all the restrictions and reporting requirements to both the State of Texas and the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, we have a Board of Directors that oversees the 410 Foundation. This Board of Directors approves any Ministry, Missionary, or Mission organization that we partner with, and we have a clear Spending / Grant policy that has increasing levels of approval / oversight based on the size of the expenditure or grant.