About Us

The 410 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to partnering with Ministries, Missionaries, and Mission Organizations to help bridge the funding gap they often face with needs that exceed their monthly support or operating budget. We look for effective organizations that are “faithful with a little” and are working diligently to expand the Kingdom of God through Evangelism and Discipleship.

For the Donor, or what we call our “Kingdom Investor”, we provide a single place of donation with the assurance that their donations, or “Investments”, will be spent wisely and judiciously with our Partner Ministries. In addition, we will provide a layer of anonymity to our Investors. We have found in discussions with donors that many wish to give anonymously and do not want to be hounded for more money as often happens when they give, even one-time, to a typical charity or ministry. We instead provide regular reporting and accountability of how their Kingdom Investments have been utilized and have impacted the work of the Lord, but never hound or cajole people for more money.

For the Ministry, Missionary, or Mission Organization, we provide financial and logistical support geared towards projects that come up, one-time needs that arise, or bridging sudden shortfalls in their monthly support. Our desire is to reduce the time and energy that they have to spend raising more money or support, and instead focus more on the work that God has called them to do. We will not just provide funds, we will work closely with each ministry to “come along side them” and see the work first hand and get a better sense of the true needs that they face in their particular mission field.

You can think of the 410 Foundation as a kind of “Spiritual Mutual Fund”. We will seek out Ministry Partners, as the Lord leads, choosing ones that are “faithful with a little” and effective in what they are called to do. In turn, we will be the central point of contact to our Investors, reporting frequently on the “Ministry Portfolio” and the fruit of their investment.